MMA Twitter Reacts To Paddy Pimblett/Dana White vs. Ariel Helwani

MMA enthusiasts flocked to social media on Wednesday to react to the verbal attack that UFC president Dana White and lightweight star Paddy Pimblett directed at renowned reporter Ariel Helwani.

The incident began during an episode of Pimblett’s podcast, Chattin Pony, which featured White as a guest. At one point, the pair shared a similar sentiment regarding Canadian journalist Helwani, who’s maintained a significant role in the coverage of the sport for over a decade.

While White’s negative view on Helwani has long been known, with the reporter previously suggesting that the UFC president repeatedly attempted to have him sacked at ESPN, Pimblett’s insulting remarks demonstrated his first public rant about the 40-year-old Montreal native.

In response to being labeled a “rodent” who’s been fired from “every good job” he’s ever had, as well as claims he wrongly profits from fighters, Helwani fired back during the latest episode of The MMA Hour.

During his retort, which lasted over an hour, Helwani dissected both Pimblett and White’s remarks, pointing out inaccuracies and providing evidence in the form of messages and social media posts.

MMA Twitter Reacts To Pimblett/Helwani Fallout, White’s Continued Beef

With the saga having played out — for now, at least — many in the MMA community have reached their conclusion regarding the sudden and unexpected back and forth.

While the UFC is heading towards its final pay-per-view event of 2022 this weekend, it’s safe to say that no story has caused as much discussion and involvement throughout the sport’s presence on social media as this.

That activity includes some fighters on MMA’s biggest stage, many of whom commented on the incident on Twitter. In his post, UFC middleweight contender Derek Brunson jokingly pitched a fight between White and Helwani in the former’s new slap-fighting league.

Unsurprisingly, a number of media members and prominent accounts also provided their take on the matter.

Some looked to educate the lightweight on the workings of journalism, many credited Helwani for the “receipts” he provided in response, and others suggested an element of irony in who Pimblett was in conversation with while making his remarks.

Fans also got involved with their views, with many giving the edge to Helwani owing to his detailed and comprehensive response to the individual comments.

SBG Ireland’s John Kavanagh, the coach of former two-division UFC champion Conor McGregor, also had some fun with it…

But Pimblett also had his supporters.

While some suggested that he had every right to be angry with Helwani owing to previous comments made about his manager, Graham Boylan, others claimed that the Liverpool native was correct with his assessment of the reporter’s “bias.”

What were your thoughts on Dana White/Paddy Pimblett’s attack on Ariel Helwani and the Canadian’s subsequent response?