Daniel Cormier Criticizes Jake Paul’s $1 Million Offer To Paddy Pimblett

Former UFC champion turned commentator Daniel Cormier is not a fan of how Jake Paul offered up one million dollars to Paddy Pimblett.

Daniel Cormier went from the heavyweight champion of the UFC to one of the best analysts and commentators in the sport. He hosts an ESPN show weekly with his partner Ryan Clark in which they discuss all the hot happenings around the world of MMA. This week, DC and RC spoke briefly about Jake Paul and his offer to Paddy Pimblett.

Jake Paul has been stirring up some more trouble in the MMA world. He is simultaneously searching for a boxing match with Nate Diaz while offering up a huge amount of money to spar Paddy Pimblett.

Paul offered Pimblett one million dollars to come and spar him in Puerto Rico. The bet came with a clause that if Pimblett lost the match, he would have to join his fighter union.


Daniel Cormier Thinks Jake Paul Should Pay Up Regardless

Cormier weighed in on this bet between the boxing and the MMA fighter. He thinks that Paul is being ridiculous in offering this deal to Pimblett right after he is scheduled to fight at UFC 282.

“This dude be playing, he always throws these large sums of money out but there’s always a bit of a reel-in, right? Like, this dude Paddy Pimblett is gonna fight on Saturday, and he challenged him to a sparring match on Monday,” he said. “It’s like if you want to do it like you said, you want to spar him, give him the mil.

“Give him the money like it don’t matter,” he said. “Why did you got to win? It’s a sparring match, like sparring? There’s no winning and losing. Just give the dude the money. Right? Like who cares who wins? Do you want me to spar you two days after a fight? I’m fighting at 155 right, so it’s not like he’s gonna be that big. Dude pay to dude the million.”

Cormier thinks that Paul can afford to pay Pimblett to spar him regardless of making it a bet. Pimblett has already turned down Paul’s offer to fly to Puerto Rico to face him. He countered by asking him to come to Las Vegas and put the money in an escrow account first.

Cormier and Paul have had their disagreements in the past, and the matter of one Paddy Pimblett is now the latest among them.

Do you think Jake Paul should just pay Paddy Pimblett to spar him, not make it a bet?