Demetrious Johnson Wouldn’t Appear On Pimblett’s Podcast After Helwani Feud

Former UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson isn’t a fan of how Paddy Pimblett lambasted MMA journalist Ariel Helwani.

Pimblett will return to the Octagon this Saturday at UFC 282 in Las Vegas. He’s in the co-main event slot against his toughest test to date in Jared Gordon.

Pimblett and Helwani have gone back and forth throughout UFC 282 fight week regarding comments Pimblett made on a recent podcast with UFC President Dana White.

Pimblett questioned Helwani’s journalistic integrity and hurled a slew of insults in Helwani’s direction. It didn’t take long for Helwani to respond as he did for a 75-minute segment on The MMA Hour on Wednesday.

Johnson, a frequent podcast guest of Helwani’s, has given his thoughts on the bad blood between Helwani and Pimblett.

Demetrious Johnson Weighs In On Ariel Helwani/Paddy Pimblett

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During a recent stream segment posted to his YouTube channel, Johnson gave his thoughts on the Pimblett/Helwani feud.

“If I was to reach out to Israel Adesanya and ask, ‘Man, can you come on my podcast?’ I’d love to pick your brain about why you’re so into anime, what video games you play, how does your love for Anime translate over to mixed martial arts? I see you doing your Naruto thing, how long did it take you to step out and bring that to your fight scene? And I would hope and be shocked if Izzy says ‘yeah man, I’ll come on the podcast but you gotta pay me 20gs’. And I’d be like dude, why? Why would I pay you 20gs?” Johnson said.

“Paddy Pimblett, he asked me to come on his podcast, I didn’t ask for a fucking dime. I didn’t ask for anything. He didn’t offer me anything either, but at the same time I just think that it makes sense. If you have an opportunity to get paid, do something, take it. But don’t go around and try to ask people to pay you to be on the podcast or do interviews.”

A fan then asked whether or not Johnson would go on Pimblett’s podcast.

“No, I’m not. I don’t think I’ll do his podcast. I don’t think Ariel Helwani’s a rodent, I don’t think he’s a POS, I don’t think he’s those words that he said. So I think it’s best that I don’t do his podcast. Huge fan of Patty, he’s an amazing fighter, what he’s done for the sport and done for himself and built his brand…”

Pimblett and his manager, Graham Boylan, intend to fuel the flames of the Helwani feud following UFC 282 this weekend. He has denied Helwani’s accusations and accused the journalist of lying about him and Boylan.

The Pimblett/Helwani feud doesn’t appear to be dying down anytime soon. While Johnson has had a complicated relationship with the media throughout his career, he stands by Helwani against Pimblett’s hate-filled barrage.

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