Dustin Poirier Shares Major Update On Health Status

UFC lightweight Dustin Poirier has shared a positive update after being in the hospital for two days due to an infection.

Top contender in the UFC lightweight division, Dustin Poirier has found himself in poor health of late. Coming off of his UFC 281 win over Michael Chandler, Poirier had been dealing with a staff infection in his foot. He has taken to social media to describe a bit of the issue he has been dealing with. 

Poirier has been circling the UFC lightweight division top five for a while now. He put himself in a great position with his last win in New York City but now this infection could derail his momentum. 

Poirier took to his social media to update fans on the health problem he has been dealing with. He posted disturbing photos of an infection in his foot and showed a stay in the hospital on his Instagram story. 

The Instagram story has since been deleted but he did share a quick update to his Twitter

“Going on day 2 in the hospital, he wrote “Sh-ts getting serious.”

Dustin Poirier Shares Positive Update

On Tuesday, Poirier had some good news to share with his fan base regarding his health status.

“Antibiotics are working.  Getting outta the hospital tomorrow morning!”

Staph infection, medically known as staphylococcus is very common among fighters. It is very contagious and requires the treatment of a medical professional and antibiotics. Poirier had described his case as “serious,” but fortunately, things have taken a turn for the better and there will hopefully not be any complications on his return to training and competition.

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