Harry Goularte, Accused Molester Of Cain Velasquez’s Son, Has Bail Revised

The conditions surrounding accused child molester Harry Goularte’s bail have been changed following a courtroom ruling on Friday.

Goularte, who has pleaded not guilty to child molestation, will be allowed to change his residence outside of Santa Clara (CA) County. He remains under court supervision and GPS location monitoring while out on bail.

A significant change to Goularte’s bail is that he is now allowed to be around minors in his family during the holiday season, as long as other adults are present. A member of his inner circle told MMA Junkie that he intends to move out of the county, with his new address confidential.

Goularte will return to court in person for a pre-trial hearing on January 17th. If found guilty of child molestation, he could serve up to eight years behind bars.

Harry Goularte & Cain Velasquez Are Both Out On Bail For Separate Charges

Goularte is accused of molesting former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez‘s son at a daycare center. Velasquez allegedly shot at him during a high-speed pursuit in Santa Clara County and faces an attempted murder charge.

Velasquez joined Goularte on bail last month following a successful fourth attempt at freeing him. His bail was granted on grounds that he remains away from Goularte and doesn’t pursue any sort of revenge-related vendetta.

If found guilty of attempted murder, Velasquez faces 20 years in prison and monetary fines. He’ll return to court for a pre-trial hearing on December 28th.

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