Israel Adesanya Reacts To ‘Poetic’ Parallels In His & Alex Pereira’s Title Wins

Israel Adesanya is still handling his loss to Alex Pereira like a champion.

In the weeks since Adesanya faced a third defeat at the hands of Pereira, suffering a TKO in the fifth round of their UFC 281 main event after losing twice to him in kickboxing, fans have been dissecting every inch of that wild title fight.

One of the things that was pointed out was the fact that Pereira mouthed, “I will kill you” at the then-champ prior to the fifth round, mirroring when “The Last Stylebender” told Kelvin Gastelum he was prepared to die before the fifth round of their legendary interim title fight.

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Israel Adesanya Respects The Parallels

These similarities in circumstances were not lost on Israel Adesanya. In fact, he spoke about this in a recent video posted to his YouTube, where he broke down the fight with Alex Pereira and gave his reaction to a lot of moments, including this fifth-round quote.

Once he knew what Pereira was saying, Adesanya was a bit spiteful. However, he also understands the irony in how similar this moment was to his own christening and says that this will just be another wrinkle in already exciting and interesting rivalry with “Poatan.”

“Before the fifth, I saw him mouth something. I wasn’t sure what it was, but now that I know what it is I’m like, ‘Fuck that,'” Adesanya said. “It’s so poetic because of where I went to as well, to win the title. He had to go to, I guess, a similar place. I felt like I went to a deeper place… It just adds to the story, this whole thing of it adds to the story, in a way that I just can’t wait to close this chapter.”

This is a very honest and insightful look at a moment that has quickly become a big talking point in MMA lore, as Israel Adesanya seems willing to accept everything that has happened up to this point. It is going to be interesting to see how he rebounds from this fight, but he certainly appears to have the right mindset.

What do you think of the parallels between Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira?

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