Watch: Jack Black Cheers Stephen Thompson For UFC Orlando Win

Jack Black was unable to accompany Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson in his UFC Orlando main event walkout, but he was still watching closely.

Thompson has been a mainstay in the UFC’s welterweight division for a while, having derived his nickname from the song of the same name by Tenacious D, a band headed by Black. Ahead of Wonderboy’s UFC Orlando bout with Kevin Holland, there was a thought that the Hollywood icon would be able to walk out with the two-time title challenger, but he was ultimately unable to do so.

Jack Black Still Watched Stephen Thompson

In the end, the fight would deliver big time, with Stephen Thompson earning the TKO in between the fourth and fifth rounds when Kevin Holland’s corner called off the fight. Although Jack Black was not able to be there to watch the fights live, he still checked in on the results of the contest.

Video emerged on social media after the fight, showing Black reacting to Thompson’s victory. He cheered for his victorious friend, echoing Wonderboy’s sentiment that he is not going anywhere in the welterweight division.

“Hell yeah he’s still here. Oh man, he’s got a lot of miles left on him. He’s still got it!” Black exclaimed with enthusiastic laughter. “Yeah. Still got it. He used the technique. Kept his eye on target. Snapped the kick. Woo! Mm, mm, mm.”

With this victory, Stephen Thompson scored his first win since 2020 and his second finish since 2015. It will be exciting to see if Jack Black joins him in his next UFC outing, as that would be quite the sight to see.

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