Jorge Masvidal Is The Latest To Take The Sean O’Malley Route

There appears to be a shift happening in MMA, and Jorge Masvidal is the latest to take the leap.

Masvidal experienced one of the rare, late-career surges in popularity, going from a fighter who was respected among fans but unknown amongst casuals to one of the most recognizable names in the sport after more than 40 professional fights. It is one of the more unique rises to fame in the history of a sport that is built on the basis of having megastars.

Jorge Masvidal Is Taking Control

Throughout the biggest parts of his career, Jorge Masvidal has been represented by First Round Management, a firm that represents many UFC fighters and is headed by Abe and Malki Kawa. However, it seems that this is going to be changing moving forward.

According to a report from Alex Behunin, Masvidal has parted ways with First Round Management, leaving on good terms and with the plans to continue having a relationship with one another. Although, from this point forward, he will be representing himself in his negotiations.

“Jorge Masvidal is no longer being represented by First Round Management, per sources. He still has a relationship with FRM and are on good terms but will be negotiating on his own from now on,” Behunin reported.

Masvidal is not the only big named UFC fighter to make the decision to represent himself in recent times, with the most notable example being Sean O’Malley, who made the claim that he was getting better deals on his own. It will be interesting to see how this goes for “Gamebred,” who has not competed since his decision loss to Colby Covington in March, and if other fighters join in on this emerging trend.

Do you think this was a wise decision for Jorge Masvidal, to take control of his career?