Michael Bisping Publicly Addresses ‘Clickbait’ Kevin Holland Narrative

Michael Bisping is setting the record straight about his Kevin Holland take.

Bisping was cageside calling the fights at UFC Orlando, which was capped off with an instant classic between Stephen Thompson and Kevin Holland.

Start to finish, the card delivered nonstop action, but the main event saw all three commentators going nuts with excitement, as was the rest of the community.

Michael Bisping Removes The Bait

In this day of MMA media, it is not uncommon for quotes from fighters to be used out of context to get clicks, resulting in these fighters to get understandably upset and call out these platforms for what they feel is clickbait and misrepresentative of their true feelings. Michael Bisping is the latest person dealing with this following UFC Orlando.

Bisping had stated on the broadcast that Holland had shown poor fight IQ in certain aspects of the fight with Thompson, a comment that was grabbed onto and framed as a criticism of “Trailblazer.” However, the former middleweight champ took to his Twitter to set the record straight and fire back at this supposedly misleading headline.

“Wasn’t a criticism. Was an afterthought from a coaches perspective with the benefit of hindsight. But get your clickbait,” Bisping wrote.

Someone else went on to comment in support of Bisping, saying that he had been extremely complimentary towards the fight while it was happening, and criticizing the original outlet’s framing of the situation. While this was nice to “The Count,” he was not in the mood for discussion and shut the supporter down anyway.

“The entirety of fight you were commending the fight. I think in like the 2nd round you said something to the effect of “this is the greatest fight I’ve ever called”. Shit reporting from source,” the commenter wrote to Bisping.

“The fight was fucking awesome. But when u break it down after, which is what we literally get paid to do, in hindsight it wasn’t the smartest move.It’s not a criticism but an undeniable fact. Now fuck off,” Bisping clapped back.

While Michael Bisping makes great points about the tendencies of MMA media, there are also times where this is an overstated issue. For this specific incident regarding his opinions on Stephen Thompson vs Kevin Holland, each person will have to come to their own conclusions.

Do you think Michael Bisping was justified in his frustrations?