Michael Chiesa Makes Big Comment About Luke Rockhold’s Future

UFC fighter/analyst Michael Chiesa is making a bold prediction about a retired fighter returning next year.

It seems that many beloved UFC fighters have decided to walk away from the sport recently. Several longtime fighters and former champions set their sights on retirement in 2022. As is the way in most sports, the careers of these top athletes are relatively short and many times even before the age of 40 the best athletes in the world need to hang it up.

MMA journalist Jose Youngs compiled a list of notable names who have walked away from the sport this year. Those names include the likes of Jose Aldo, Frankie Edgar, Joanna Jedrzejczyk, and more. Now an active fighter, Michael Chiesa is claiming that one fighter on the list is coming back next year.

Michael Chiesa Seems To Believe That Luke Rockhold Is Not Completly Retired

Luke Rockhold was included on this list since he marked his retirement following his last loss to Paulo Costa in August. He lost the bout by a unanimous decision which was his third loss in a row. However, UFC fighter and analyst Michael Chiesa thinks that retirement might not stick for the former UFC middleweight champion.

“Rockhold is coming back,” he wrote on Twitter.

It is not known if Chiesa has insider knowledge of Rockhold’s position or if he is just stating his opinion. Rockhold is clearly still training and posts photos and videos of himself in the gym on his social media. Rockhold is 40 years old and has not won a fight since 2017. If he does not return to the UFC, he might consider boxing. He has expressed interest in going that route before, much like other retired UFC fighters.

Would you like to see Luke Rockhold return to the UFC?

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