Mike Goldberg Describes How Much Anthony Johnson’s Shoutout Meant To Him

Mike Goldberg will forever appreciate the support of Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson following one of the lowest moments of his career.

Goldberg will forever be an important part of UFC history as the lead play-by-play voice of the Octagon from 1997-2016. He sat cageside with commentator Joe Rogan from the UFC’s dark days, to its rise as a mainstream entity.

Goldberg was let go by the UFC in 2016 following a long tenure with the promotion. He would then go on to sign on with Bellator as their play-by-play voice.

As Goldberg was grieving the loss of his longtime role with the UFC, Johnson gave him a shoutout in his post-fight interview following his last UFC fight at UFC 210.

Mike Goldberg Pays Tribute To The Late Anthony Johnson

During a recent appearance on the TimboSugarShow, Goldberg expressed why Johnson’s shoutout profoundly change his life.

“That’s the thing about ‘Rumble’ giving me that shoutout a couple of weeks after I had been done… just stopped me in my tracks and put me right in tears. ‘One more thing, my boy Goldie’s supposed to be here. Mike, I love you, bro.’ And I’m like, ‘Wow.’ I guess it just reminded me that I did it right,” Goldberg said. “It didn’t end in the way that I would’ve written the book, but over the years, I get a lot of people that make me understand that I did leave a good thing, and I did do a lot for a lot of people.”

Johnson passed away recently after a battle with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a type of cancer. He was under contract with Bellator in his return to MMA before being diagnosed with the illness.

Johnson’s passing still leaves the MMA community, and most significantly his friends and family, in a state of shock. In the aftermath, Goldberg’s comments are further evidence to show that Johnson’s impact is still felt by those around the sport and around the world.

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