Natan Levy Getting More Hate After Criticism Of Kanye West’s Anti-Semitism

UFC lightweight Natan Levy says he’s gotten more hate from trolls and antisemites since his post-UFC Orlando callout of Kanye West.

Levy defeated Genaro Valdéz at UFC Orlando last weekend via a unanimous decision. He’s won two consecutive fights after losing his UFC debut to Rafa Garcia last year.

After picking up arguably the biggest win of his career, Levy used his post-fight press conference to aim at West, who has made controversial remarks about Jewish people in recent weeks. Levy, a Jewish fighter, is one of many athletes around the world who have spoken against West’s rhetoric.

Despite many praising Levy for his comments, he’s received more hate from fans of West and anti-semites on social media since he iterated his stance.

Natan Levy Reveals He’s Received More Anti-Jewish Hate Since Callout

During a recent interview with TMZ Sports, Levy explained the unfortunate backlash behind his criticism.

“Yeah, I’m always getting a lot of hate,” Levy said. “Just for being who and what I am, which I’m fine with. It’s not fun but right now I’m also getting a lot of love. There’s also a lot of positivity out there, a lot of reinforcements, I’m getting a lot of friends and a lot of people speak up and say to stop the hate.

“Other posts about me and my interview, most of the comments are anti-semitic. Most of the comments are like ‘look, Kanye’s right’. No, no more. That’s it.”

Levy isn’t the only Jewish person involved with the UFC who has been critical of West. UFC owner Ari Emmanuel recently wrote a harshly-written op-ed calling for a boycott of West and his sponsors.

Despite West’s recent controversies, UFC welterweight Colby Covington was seen accompanying him at a recent documentary premiere.

Levy wants to continue to use his platform to defend the Jewish people against ongoing hate. West has yet to respond to Levy’s callout.

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