Paddy Pimblett Urges People To ‘Use Their Heads’ About Fighter Pay

Rising UFC lightweight star Paddy Pimblett has suggested that some people don’t “use” their brains in regard to the fighter pay debate.

When it comes to mixed martial arts and the sport’s leading promotion, not many topics outside the cage have gained as much traction and attention as the polarizing discourse surrounding the remuneration and contractual conditions of fighters.

Among those to speak out against the perceived issues are YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul, who’s repeatedly targeted UFC president Dana White over the shortcomings he sees, and UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou, who’s been publicly critical of certain practices and problems during his contract dispute with the promotion.

One of the Cameroonian’s main gripes surrounds sponsorships. In a number of Twitter posts earlier this year, “The Predator” took aim at the UFC’s decision to ban short sponsors following the start of its now-ended partnership with Reebok, claiming the organization ‘exploits’ the importance of sponsorship deals for its own benefit.

Many on the other side of the fence have shared a different view regarding sponsors. Among them is Michael Chandler, who suggested that the onus is on fighters to make the most of the platform they’re given in the UFC in order to secure partnerships outside the Octagon.

The latest to share that sentiment is one of the promotion’s fastest-rising stars.

Pimblett Defends UFC On Fighter Pay

During a recent episode of the Chattin Pony podcast, which featured Dana White as the guest, surging lightweight prospect Paddy Pimblett defended the UFC.

“The Baddy” cited the lucrative deal he agreed with Barstool Sports following his successful promotional debut at UFC Vegas 36 last September as evidence that people need to ‘use their heads’ more when it comes to the fighter pay debate.

“Even sponsorships, I had one fight in the UFC and got a million-pound sponsorship off Barstool Sports. That doesn’t happen with any other MMA organization,” Pimblett said. “That’s what I like to tell people. Do you think I go and fight on PFL or Bellator, any of them, and get a million-pound sponsorship? Come on, use your head. People have got a brain out there, and some of them don’t use it.”

Pimblett signed a seven-figure deal as a brand ambassador with Barstool Sports in October 2021, with his teammate and friend Molly McCann following him to the media company this year.

With his latest remarks, the Liverpool native has suggested that the opportunity would’ve been impossible had he not joined the UFC.

What do you make of Paddy Pimblett’s fighter pay comments?

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