Paddy Pimblett Recalls Why He Was Kicked Out Of School

UFC lightweight star Paddy Pimblett has recalled what he did to get kicked out of school during his youth in Liverpool.

Currently, Pimblett is one of the more prominent names in MMA, a status he’s achieved in just three appearances inside the Octagon since departing Cage Warriors, a promotion in which he won the featherweight gold.

Now pursuing championship glory under a different banner, and the premier one on offer in the sport, “The Baddy” has made a solid start, going 3-0 with a trio of finishes. He’s followed up a debut knockout in 2021 with two memorable submission wins over Kazula Vargas and Jordan Leavitt in London this year.

Paddy Pimblett & Jordan Leavitt
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As it turns out, the man who flashed his backside at the weigh-ins this past July and followed up his second-round triumph with an attempted Call of Duty: Modern Warfare-esque ‘teabag’ was a troublemaker at school.

Color us surprised…

Pimblett’s Early Entrepreneurship & Football Passion Brought Trouble

During a recent appearance on Pub Talk with former soccer players Alan Brazil and Ray Parlour, Pimblett looked back on his childhood and his time in education.

While he emerged with a number of qualifications, his intelligence was coupled with the kind of troublemaking you’d expect, which ultimately led to him being kicked out.

And given his ventures outside the cage nowadays, it’s perhaps unsurprising that an early instance of entrepreneurship went towards that removal.

“I was a bit of both (smart and a joker), to be honest,” Pimblett said. “I got all my GCSEs, but in the last year, I got kicked out. I got given extended study leave, so it doesn’t go on your record as getting expelled… I got caught selling Lucozades and Discos, and stuff, about 14 times. So that went towards it.”

But unlike some fighters, whose early experiences with fighting in the school yard would’ve seen them face consequences, the main reason for Pimblett being kicked out was the kind of move you’d expect from someone with the cheek of “The Baddy.”

Kicking a football after being told not to…

“But in the end… I got kicked out for kicking a football on the yard. Me and little Webby… teacher comes out, ‘If anyone kicks that ball!’ Me, I kicked it, Webby kicked it. We went into school the next day, soon as we walked into form… ‘Gotta go to the headteacher’s office,'” Pimblett continued. “We got a letter given to us, for kicking a ball on the yard.”

In the end, Pimblett explained that the decision ended up being a blessing in disguise, with his subsequent free mornings being spent in the gym, allowing him the ability to accept a short-notice fight.

While his skills may have come a long way since his teenage years, it’s clear that the Liverpudlian hasn’t lost his sense of humor and boisterous nature.

Are you surprised to hear that Paddy Pimblett was a troublemaker during his youth?

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