Paddy Pimblett Tells Jake Paul: “I’m Not Doing It On Your Terms”

UFC lightweight Paddy Pimblett has insisted that he won’t agree to spar YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul on his terms.

Paul, a former Disney star, has largely made his name in combat sports through exchanges with prominent mixed martial arts figures, be it verbally on social media or physically inside the ring.

The latest back and forth has seen “The Problem Child” interacting with Pimblett. The pair’s discussion began after “The Baddy” accused Paul of rigging his matches following a victory over MMA legend Anderson Silva this past October.

In response, Paul invited the former Cage Warriors champion to spar him, with a victory netting him $1 million and a defeat meaning he’d have to join the United Fighters Association, a union the Cleveland native is looking to create in order to improve contracts and pay for fighters.

Since then, the pair have put forth their own conditions for the sparring session to happen, with Pimblett declaring it would have to take place in Las Vegas following his fight at UFC 282 this weekend and Paul counter-offering Puerto Rico as the location later this month.

It appears as though the two notable combat sports names have found themselves in somewhat of a standstill — and it won’t be Pimblett who budges…

Pimblett Won’t Give In To Paul’s Demands

During a recent video uploaded to his YouTube channel, Pimblett further addressed his recent exchanges with Paul, who he’s been complimentary of in the past in regards to the online star’s commitment to training.

While he claimed to be willing to spar the 25-year-old at any time, the Liverpool native insisted that it has to be on his terms. According to Pimblett, Paul always looks for a way to prevent an even playing field.

“He knows full well I’m fighting (on December 2). Lad, I will spar him anytime,” Pimblett said. “But the thing is lad, we’d have to get the million (dollars) put in an escrow, ’cause I know he’d just bump me. He wouldn’t give me a million dollars after I beat him up. I said to him, ‘Come and spar me on the 12th in the PI in Vegas. I’m there on the Monday, come and spar me, let’s do it.’

“He said, ‘Ah, I’ve got something I need to do, come to Puerto Rico on the 19th or 20th.’ No lad, I’m not doing it on your terms… If I fought Jake Paul, he’d have to come down to like, 180 (pounds), 175 even,” Pimblett added. “That’s the only thing with Jake Paul, he always wants it on his terms. He’ll never have it on an even playing field.”

In the latest offer, Paul agreed to make a guest appearance on Pimblett’s podcast, Chattin Pony, early next year. However, he once again called on “The Paddy” to make the trip to Puerto Rico, where the pair can complete their much-discussed sparring session ahead of filming the episode.

How do you think a sparring session between Jake Paul and Paddy Pimblett would play out?

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