Paulo Costa Shares USADA Stat Involving Jon Jones

UFC middleweight Paulo Costa is throwing some shade at the USADA testing system in light of a shocking numbers discovery.

Recently, there has been a spotlight on the UFC’s drug testing partner the U.S Anti-Doping Agency for their sometimes-unclear rules and ways of operation. In the past few months, it has come out that Conor McGregor was able to remove himself from the testing pool without being officially retired and can, in fact, reenter just as easily.

He will, however, need to undergo six months of clean testing before competing again, but the lack of clarity has upset many.

Also, it was revealed back in October that former light heavyweight champion Jiri Procházka was tested a whopping 51 times in a month. Now, UFC middleweight Paulo Costa is coming out with his own surprising stat, He was tested more times in the past five years than Jon Jones has since USADA testing began back in 2015.

Paulo Costa Is Not Happy With His USADA Testing Numbers

Costa has often been teased by fans about his physique and has been accused of taking performance-enhancing drugs. He took these accusations and ran with them.

He now carries around a jug with him labeled “Secret Juice” to which he credits his gains. He took to Twitter to show just how often he is tested and put a comparison to Jon Jones, who has failed multiple tests in his career.

Costa is the most tested athlete in the UFC at this time. The only others that come close to his or Jones’ numbers are Misha Cirkunov at 84, TJ Dillashaw at 92, and Amanda Nunes at 77. There are a few other athletes in the 70-60 range as well.

Costa has embraced his USADA and Secret Juice shtik well and was even recently asked about his product by the USADA. He joked about this on Twitter as well.

Costa did have an issue with the USADA back in 2019 for using IV to recover from two weight cuts stemming from 2017. He served a six-month suspension at the time and has not had any violations since. Although, he has publicly voiced his disdain for the early morning wakeup calls.

Any fighter who consistently tests clean more than 50 times in their UFC career will receive a jacket from the USADA, Costa is now wondering where his jacket is.

Do you think the USADA should do a better job spreading out drug testing among more athletes?