RDA Dismisses Injury As Excuse For Conor McGregor’s Alleged PED Usage

Rafael dos Anjos does not believe that fellow former UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor‘s injury is an excuse for using performance-enhancing drugs.

While talk of McGregor, a former UFC titleholder at both 145 and 155 pounds, making a return to Octagon action has remained a prominent topic throughout 2022, discussion surrounding a possible controversial route to recovery has taken over headlines involving the Irishman in more recent times.

McGregor has been absent from the cage ever since breaking his leg last July at UFC 264, with the injury leading to his second defeat against Dustin Poirier in 2021.

While he’s consistently posted updates on his condition and clips of him returning to training at the gym, a report a few months ago revealed that the Dublin native was preparing for his return without having been tested by USADA in 2022.

Once it was confirmed that he’d exited the testing pool, many began to suggest that McGregor’s recovery and bulked-up physique is the result of PED usage, which the absence of testing would allow.

One man who shares that sentiment is dos Anjos, who was scheduled to share the Octagon with the “Notorious” star a number of years ago. But as well as believing that McGregor is using substances banned for most fighters, he’s dismissed any suggestion that a serious injury can be used as an excuse.

RDA Downplays Severity Of McGregor’s Injury

This past weekend, dos Anjos returned to welterweight in style, submitting Bryan Barberena in the UFC Orlando co-main event. In the aftermath, “RDA’ became the latest to throw his name into the hat as an opponent option for McGregor’s comeback fight.

With that, a possible matchup with McGregor was on the agenda when the Brazilian appeared on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani. In terms of the recent controversy surrounding McGregor’s USADA status, dos Anjos firmly believes the Irishman’s increased size is the product of PEDs.

“Why would he remove himself from the USADA pool? He looks jacked, he looks big,” dos Anjos said. “If he wasn’t (using PEDs), he wouldn’t have removed himself from the USADA pool. That’s weird.”

Helwani later noted McGregor’s response to the accusations on social media, which didn’t see him explicitly deny taking PEDs. Instead, the former champ-champ insisted he has to do whatever it takes to heal from such a serious injury.

According to dos Anjos, that’s ‘bullsh*t’.

“That’s total BS. I broke my jaw, two pieces. I’ve went through a lot. All the fighters, Anderson Silva, Chris Weidman (didn’t use PEDs to recover),” dos Anjos pointed out. “And actually, that injury looks bad β€” I’m not a doctor, but I know what I’m talking about β€” that injury looks bad, but it’s no worse than an ACL injury. You recover from that way quicker than an ACL injury. That’s bone to bone, once that thing heals, you put a plate (in), you’re 100%… ACL injury is way worse than that, so that’s not an excuse.”

Conor McGregor & Dustin Poirier
Image Credit: Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

As it stands, McGregor remains out of the testing pool, which protocols would suggest he has to be a part of for at least six months before competing again. However, the Irishman recently proclaimed that he will complete the “two tests” required before booking a fight.

Do you agree with Rafael dos Anjos’ thoughts on the allegations of PED usage against Conor McGregor?

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