Sean O’Malley Credits Snoop Dogg For Influencing His Success

UFC bantamweight star Sean O’Malley has credited music icon Snoop Dogg for aiding in his developing stardom and success in mixed martial arts.

Currently, O’Malley sits at #1 in the UFC’s 135-pound rankings, a spot he secured with a five-fight unbeaten streak that includes three knockout wins, four bonuses, and a victory over the division’s former champion, Petr Yan.

Now, “Sugar” is expecting to continue his path to a level of stardom he’s long predicted for himself by challenging for the bantamweight gold in 2023.

While his journey to the top is almost complete, O’Malley only announced his arrival on the sport’s biggest stage in 2017, when he appeared on season one of Dana White’s Contender Series.

As well as his own performance, O’Malley’s entrance was aided by the role of a certain prominent rapper…

O’Malley Explains “Massive” Impact Snoop Dogg Had

Forming a unique collaboration, the UFC and Snoop Dogg came together to put on “SnoopCast” for the opening series of DWCS, the promotion’s talent-finding show.

In perhaps the most notable moment of not just the rapper’s UFC commentary cameo, but DWCS as a whole, O’Malley secured his path into the Octagon with a memorable first-round knockout against Alfred Khashakyan.

The introduction of the “Sugar Show” was a success, with the crazed reaction of Snoop Dogg, which saw him repeatedly shout “O’Malley!” alongside Urijah Faber, sending O’Malley’s KO viral.

During a recent appearance on the JRE MMA Show, O’Malley and UFC color commentator Joe Rogan recalled the Montana native’s contract-winning performance and the hype that followed. O’Malley pointed to Snoop Dogg’s reaction and subsequent social media posts as “massive” for his career.

“Yeah, that was (crazy). It’s so crazy looking at my career, how things have played out so perfect,” O’Malley said. “The fact Snoop Dogg was there. Like, that was the first time that I started getting busy on social media and started to understand, ‘Okay, this is gonna be a part of my career and my life moving forward.’ And he would like, post me and repost me, then I started getting followers from Snoop posting me.

“Yeah, that was f*cking insane. That was massive for my career, having Snoop Dogg. That season, they had Snoop and Urijah doing the SnoopCast. It was so massive,” O’Malley added.

Since then, O’Malley’s stardom and career trajectory has appeared to be going in one direction: up. And though a loss to Marlon Vera in 2020 briefly stalled his rise, “Sugar” has since racked up the KOs and surged to the top of the bantamweight ladder.

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