Sean Strickland’s Latest Target: The Country of Canada

Georges St-Pierre, ice hockey, Ariel Helwani, moose, Niagara Falls, maple syrup, butter tarts, Rory MacDonald — all things that come from a country full of “p*ssies,” according to Sean Strickland

On the current MMA scene, a number of fighters come to mind in regard to an uncensored mindset during interviews and on social media. While that includes the likes of Bryce Mitchell and Paulo Costa, perhaps the leader in that category is Strickland.

The #6-ranked UFC middleweight contender has never been shy to express his thoughts, be it in the form of public road-rage incidents, press conference interactions with other fighters, and some rather unique videos on social media.

In his sights previously have been athletes like Luke Rockhold, whom he recently attempted to “banish,” coaches like Jim West and Pat Barry, whom he accused of predatory behavior, and TJ Dillashaw, whom he branded as “scum.”

Now, though, “Tarzan” hasn’t targeted one or two individuals — he’s gone after an entire country.

And from a man who showers with his AK-47, is it any surprise that Strickland has a negative view of a nation that recently clamped down on the purchase, sale, and transfer of handguns?

Strickland Won’t Even Give Canada Credit For GSP…

During a recent interview with MMA Junkie’s Mike Bohn, a Canadian reporter, Strickland laid into those north of the border.

In martial arts terms, there’s perhaps little doubt that Canada’s best export is St-Pierre, who held both the welterweight and middleweight titles in the UFC, breaking numerous divisional and promotional records in the process.

But for Strickland, GSP and his ‘dry-humping’ style was not a gift from Canada. Beyond “Rush,” the middleweight contender also had Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau and the nation’s increasing strict gun laws on his hit list.

“You play sports? What are you, Canadian? Ah, f*cking Canadian. Taking about f*cking p*ssies, you guys,” Strickland said. “What have you guys ever done that was badass? You f*cking Canadians. You give us f*cking Georges St-Pierre, f*cking lay-and-pray guy. ‘Let me just dry hump you.’

“Have you guys even had a f*cking war? I think you’ve had a beaver war. Canada’s claim to fame is a f*cking beaver war. And then you elect Justin Trudeau, you f*cking p*ssies. You guys can’t carry handguns, now they’re banning assault weapons… You guys are f*cking p*ssies.”

Of course, Strickland’s hatred doesn’t spread across the whole of Canada. The one saving grace? Well, it’s what you’re probably expecting…

“I love Canadian women. Canadian women are fun. They’re very sexually liberated, I’ve had a good time with them. But the Canadian men, you guys, you guys can be some f*cking p*ssies,” Strickland concluded.

So, if the opportunity arises to sing “O Canada” around Strickland (a likely scenario), best remain tight-lipped…

Oh, and a possible UFC return to Canada in 2023? Mick Maynard can probably avoid ringing Strickland’s phone.

What do you make of Sean Strickland’s take on the country of Canada?

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