‘NMF’ Stephen Thompson Reveals Short Stint In Prison

Former UFC welterweight title challenger Stephen Thompson hasn’t always had an innocent streak throughout his life.

Thompson will face Kevin Holland in his Octagon return this Saturday at UFC Orlando. He’s looking to get back in the win column following back-to-back losses to Belal Muhammad and Gilbert Burns.

The 39-year-old Thompson has been widely regarded as one of MMA’s most respectful athletes. He’s rarely got into hostile exchanges with his opponents, except for some tense moments with former champion Tyron Woodley.

Thompson is likely one of the last athletes you’d expect to get into any sort of legal trouble. But while growing up in South Carolina, he found his way into a cell.

Stephen Thompson Skinny Dipped His Way Into A Jail Cell

Stephen Thompson
MMA Fighting

During a recent face-to-face interview, Thompson revealed that he didn’t have innocuous intentions at one point in his life.

“I spent a weekend in prison one time,” Thompson said. “Skinny dipping, man. They had cameras and we had no idea. There were girls involved, they had cameras up because someone vandalized the pool the week before. So they were trying to get us… I was like ‘I’m never going back!'”

Thompson’s story shows that even the most charismatic people can find themselves behind bars for their mistakes.

Following his loss to Muhammad, Thompson apologized to his fans for the defeat. He hasn’t fought since and has been sidelined for the past year.

As Thompson approaches the potential closing chapters of his UFC tenure, he’s showing that even the best of us can make mistakes and come back stronger.

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