Aljamain Sterling Is Confused By Anthony Smith’s ‘Crazy’ MMA Takes

UFC Bantamweight Champion Aljamain Sterling is not in agreement with his fellow fighter Anthony Smith.

The man at the top of the bantamweight division, Aljamain Sterling, is sharing some of his thoughts about recent revelations in the sport of MMA in regard to drug testing. Recently, news came out that Conor McGregor had withdrawn from the USADA testing pool in order to focus on his health and recovery from a leg break. His absence from the testing pool in addition to his bulked-up physique has led some to believe that he is using banned or performance-enhancing substances to speed up his recovery and healing.

UFC light heavyweight Anthony Smith was one man who aired these types of concerns. Smith frowned upon McGregor possibly taking banned substances and then expecting to return to the testing pool when he is back to health. It seems that other fighters might be compelled to take a similar path, to which UFC champ Aljamain Sterling says to each his own.

Conor McGregor Photo-Associated Press

Aljamain Sterling Does Not Share The Same View As Anthony Smith

Sterling took to his YouTube channel to share his thoughts on the situation. He does not believe that Smith’s findings hold up and feels that two different fights and their respective injuries cannot be compared.

“Anthony Smith can sometimes get ahead of himself saying some things to almost feel self-righteous. And I get it, I have no issues with him, I just think that sometimes he gets ahead of himself. He starts saying some things that I don’t always agree with. And I think sometimes he just says it just to either be controversial or maybe he actually does believe these things.

“So for him to think that his knee break, his leg break was the same as Conor’s is crazy,” he said. “For him to use Weidman in there when Weidman had the worst knee break out of all of them is crazy. For him to compare his knee to the head, compared to my knee to the head is even more crazy.”

Sterling went on to explain how if his former opponent TJ Dillashaw is using this same tactic, retiring to heal up and get out of the testing pool, then Sterling supports it. He feels that fighters have to do what is right for them and their families to stay healthy and have a healthy life after their fighting careers are over.

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