Andrew Tate Shares Message After Losing Appeal

Controversial influencer Andrew Tate recently took to social media following his failed attempt to appeal against his current 30-day confinement.

The former kickboxer was arrested late last month for his alleged involvement in human trafficking. The Hustlers University founder is also being investigated for his alleged involvement in a crime ring.

Andrew Tate exploded in notoriety in recent years due to his controversial statements on a variety of societal issues. He garnered considerable backlash for expressing several misogynistic views and was essentially de-platformed at one point last year.

Andrew Tate

Tate was not alone in the arrest, with his younger brother Tristan, and two unnamed suspects also being detained. ‘Cobra’ is currently enduring a 30-day stretch in Romanian detention. A recent appeal to be freed while the investigation continues has been denied.

This is not the first time Romanian authorities have investigated Tate for alleged human trafficking. Last April, Tate’s home and nearby recording studio were raided due to the US embassy there being alerted to ‘Cobra’ holding a US citizen captive.

“I Took The Pain Like It Was An Honour” – Andrew Tate On His Latest Setback

Taking to social media, Tate made reference to his newfound Islamic faith. The outspoken ‘Top G’ converted to Islam last year and cited his current situation as a “test.”

“When Allah said ‘I test only those I love.’ I took the pain like it was an honour – Abu Hurayrah.”

Despite his detention, Andrew Tate has remained active on social media. Just today, he has taken the time to diss YouTuber and WWE star Logan Paul. ‘The Maverick’ is currently in a lot of hot water himself. Crypto journalist and YouTuber Coffeezilla’s recent exposé on Paul’s failed CryptoZoo project has garnered a lot of attention.

Under Romanian law, Andrew Tate’s current 30-day arrest could be extended to as long as 180 days if deemed necessary.

Will Andrew Tate be released once his 30 days are up?