Anthony Pettis Requests To Be Jake Paul’s First PFL Opponent

Former UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis has an idea for Jake Paul‘s first fight in the PFL after Paul announced his 2023 plans.

Paul added another cog into the insane early 2023 MMA news cycle when he announced he was signing with the PFL. He’ll make his MMA debut later this year against a to-be-determined opponent, competing in the PFL’s pay-per-view division.

Paul and his manager, Nakisa Bidarian, also own equity in the PFL as well. He and Bidarian will lead the charge of the PFL’s pay-per-view division and make it so fighters competing earn 50% of the revenue.

Paul’s planned move to MMA was mostly welcomed with open arms by fighters on social media. A series of athletes offered to step in to fight Paul, although one big-name PFL fighter might make the most sense.

Anthony Pettis Wants Jake Paul After PFL Signing

In a recent tweet, Pettis issued a warm welcome to Paul while also offering him an adversary for his first PFL fight.

“Welcome to the PFL [Jake Paul],” Pettis tweeted Thursday. “More than happy to welcome you to MMA’s league if Nate isn’t available.”

Paul has teased two fights with former UFC star Nate Diaz, one in boxing and one in MMA. Diaz is now a free agent, opening the door to this possibility.

While Pettis’ best performances in MMA are likely behind him, he remains a dangerous fighter in the PFL. He was one fight away from making it to the 2022 PFL Championships before a loss to Stevie Ray.

One potential hurdle behind a Pettis/Paul fight would be whether or not a state athletic commission would sanction it. While a matchup between two MMA fighters with astronomically different experience levels isn’t unheard of, it’s extremely rare.

The PFL could potentially give Paul an opponent of a similar combat sports experience level first, although Pettis remains a possibility if the league decides to go that route.

Would you want to see Anthony Pettis vs. Jake Paul in the PFL?

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