Artem Lobov Ordered To Pay Legal Fees For Failed Injunction Against Conor McGregor

Artem Lobov won’t have to pay legal fees for his failed Twitter injunction against Conor McGregor until the conclusion of his defamation case.

A Twitter injunction by Lobov and his legal team against McGregor failed in High Court just weeks ago. Lobov’s representation was attempting to get McGregor to take down various social media posts in which he referred to his former SBG Ireland teammate as a “rat”.

The failed attempt forces Lobov to pay the legal fees for the injunction, as ruled by High Court on Wednesday, according to The Irish Times. McGregor’s “rat”-themed posts attacking Lobov are allowed to stay online.

However, Lobov won’t have to pay the legal fees stemming from the failed injunction until the entire defamation case’s conclusion.

Lobov is suing McGregor for defamation for calling Lobov a “rat” in various social media posts. Tensions fumed between the two sides after Lobov sued McGregor on grounds of claiming the creation of McGregor’s Proper 12 Irish Whiskey.

Artem Lobov Suing Conor McGregor For “Rat” Twitter Attacks


Things between McGregor and Lobov reached a boiling point when McGregor challenged Lobov to a fight amidst their legal battles. It’s uncertain if Lobov took McGregor up on the offer to settle their differences in a gym scrap.

Lobov and McGregor were close friends, stemming from their time as teammates at SBG Ireland. He was an understudy of McGregor during his time on The Ultimate Fighter 22.

Lobov retired from combat sports following stints in Bare Knuckle FC and the UFC. He last competed in bare-knuckle fighting in a loss against Denys Berinchyk at Mahatch FC 6 in July 2021.

McGregor is expected to return to the UFC Octagon later this year after a long hiatus. He hasn’t fought since suffering a leg injury against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264.

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