Brendan Schaub: There Should Be Some Repercussions For Dana White

Former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub recently shared his thoughts on Dana White being caught on film slapping his wife.

On New Year’s Eve, the UFC President got into a drunken altercation with his wife, ultimately hitting her at a night club in Mexico. Since the footage was first released by TMZ, White himself has released a statement on the matter.

Dana White
Brendan Schaub recently discussed Dana White’s New Year’s Eve incident.

White was quick to emphasize the negative impact of excess alcohol consumption on his behavior at the time. Ultimately, though, he acknowledged there was no valid excuse for his actions.

On a recent episode of his Thiccc Boy podcast, Brendan Schaub revealed that he found it “mind blowing” that the story wasn’t getting more coverage. He went on to state that there should be consequences for White’s actions.

“I don’t want him [White] to lose his job or get fired, but there should be some repercussions to hitting your wife.”

Schaub went on to suggest a potentially damning accusation towards the longtime UFC head honcho.

“You Think That’s The First Time It’s Happened?” – Brendan Schaub On Dana White’s Domestic Incident

The former fighter-turned-comedian believes that the UFC President has likely struck his wife before in private. Schaub opined that given how quickly the situation between the two escalated in a public setting, it’s unlikely to have been the first time it’s happened.

If you’re able to do that in public around friends and family — you think that’s the first time it’s happened? Come on. If you can do that in public, come on, man. There’s no way that’s the first time. So, there’s obviously some issues they need to figure out.”

‘Big Brown’ went on to dismiss the relevance of White’s wife having hit him first during the altercation. He was quick to point out he did not consider it relevant to the situation as White’s actions are simply unacceptable by the standards of modern society.

Do you agree with Brendan Schaub’s takes on Dana White’s disturbing behavior?

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