Candace Owens Dismisses Andrew Tate Allegations As Fake

Political commentator Candace Owens recently gave her two cents on Andrew Tate’s current legal predicament.

The controversial influencer was arrested late last month on allegations of human trafficking. Currently, Tate is serving a 30-day detention in Romanian custody while investigations surrounding him, his brother Tristan, and two unnamed associates are carried out.

Andrew Tate reached unexpected levels of fame last year due to his outspoken, highly controversial takes. The Hustlers University founder landed in hot water due to his frequently misogynistic comments, ultimately getting de-platformed on social media. His Twitter has since been re-instated. His increased notoriety led to a good deal of exposure and even rumors of a potential fight with YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul.

Last month’s arrest was not the first time Romanian authorities have investigated the self-proclaimed ‘Top G’. In April 2022, Tate was accused of holding a US citizen captive in his Pipera home. For now, the former kickboxer and his associates are looking at potential charges of human trafficking, forming an organized crime ring and, in one unspecified individual’s case, rape.

According to Candace Owens, though, things may not be quite what they seem.

Candace Owens Suggests Current Accusations Are Designed To ‘Take Down’ Andrew Tate

The controversial conservative commentator recently gave her thoughts on the matter. She denied the notion of Tate being a human trafficker. Instead, Owens implied that this could be part of a ploy to potentially “seize” ‘Cobra’s wealth.

“Whatever he [Andrew Tate] was doing, being a modern Hugh Hefner, is legal,” Owens opined. “If you’re a guy and you hold citizenship in America and/or in the United Kingdom, and you decide to uproot to Romania, it’s gotta be because you can do a little more dodgy stuff in Romania… It’s [Romania] an incredibly corrupt country, the governments are entirely corrupt… Any day, when the government realizes you have money in Romania, when you are flashing your wealth on the internet… The government will make up charges to seize your wealth.”

Andrew Tate was recently denied an appeal regarding his current detention. Romanian authorities reserve the right to extend it all the way to 180 days if deemed necessary.

Do you think there’s merit to Candace Owens’ controversial take on the Andrew Tate situation?

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