Chael Sonnen’s Tweet Under Scrutiny After Damar Hamlin NFL Injury

Some people are of the impression that Chael Sonnen feels postponing the Cincinnati Bengals/Buffalo Bills NFL game after safety Damar Hamlin’s shocking injury was a mistake.

The highly anticipated Bengals/Bills Monday Night Football game came to a screeching halt after Hamlin suffered cardiac arrest after a big hit. After CPR was administered and Hamlin was transported to a nearby hospital, the game was indefinitely postponed.

Hamlin, a former sixth-round draft pick in 2021, remains in critical condition following the incident. The NFL released a statement on Tuesday sharing that the league doesn’t plan on resuming the game this week.

Many NFL fans, including those outside of the Bengals/Bills fanbases, feel the league made the right decision in stopping play. Sonnen, who is never afraid to make his opinions known, may be in the minority.

Timing of Chael Sonnen’s Tweet Stirs Up Public

In a tweet published at 1:00 AM ET Tuesday, Sonnen shared the following maxim to his followers.

“It’s not just a rule. It’s not just the FIRST rule. It’s the ONLY rule. The show MUST go on,” Sonnen tweeted.

Of note, it is uncertain that Sonnen was referring to the Hamlin injury, although the tweet came soon after the incident.

This didn’t stop some of Sonnen’s followers from reacting to the tweet with the impression he was criticizing how the NFL handled the Hamlin injury, with others calling for “The Bad Guy” to clarify altogether.

“I seriously hope you’re not talking about the football game.”

“Chael please tell me this isn’t about the damar hamlin situation.”

“100% disagree. No sport or event equals the life of a human being. As we evolve as humans, so should our way of thinking. Life is above anything that is entertainment.”

“He’s talking about the football game.. And he’s right.. If you’re not a paramedic you’re of no service to the young man carted off.. The show goes on”

“His view is from a way different perspective than a football player or footballer fan. If a fighter dies Chael knows the fights would go on. We often get fighters confused with athletes. They aren’t athletes. Athletes get pampered as soon as someone notices them.”

Second Interpretation Of Chael Sonnen’s Tweet

While some were convinced that Sonnen was referring to Hamlin’s injury and the subsequent postponement, others pointed out that the tweet could have been about recent Dana White news, with the UFC president in hot water for being in a physical fight with his wife. After all, this story broke the same evening as the Hamlin injury.

“Y’all need to chill lol. He’s talking about Dana White getting caught hitting his wife on video. Chael throwing subliminals about his past comments of potentially running the ufc is Dana gets shut down lol”

“Why are people acting like hes talking about the football game hes obviously not lol”

“I’m guessing he is talking about DW and not the football game.”

Since his MMA retirement in 2019, Sonnen has worked as a content creator and a UFC commentator. He’s indefinitely suspended from ESPN, however, amidst his ongoing legal issues stemming from a hotel brawl last year in Las Vegas.

The NFL will continue to play this weekend despite Hamlin’s medical situation. Players around the league will wear a uniform patch in honor of Hamlin during this week’s games.

It’s uncertain what Sonnen’s intent was with his above tweet, but he did leave many wondering if it had to do with the biggest NFL story right now.

What do you believe Chael Sonnen’s tweet was referring to?