Chris Weidman Set For Combat Sports Return After Leg Injury

Former UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman is gearing up for his first contest in almost two years.

At UFC 261 in April 2021, ‘The All-American’ threw a low kick that opponent Uriah Hall successfully checked. Weidman’s right tibia and fibula broke on impact, in a moment eerily similar to Anderson Silva’s left leg injury against Weidman at UFC 168 in December 2013.

Uriah Hall vs. Chris Weidman

The Hall fight was over just 17 seconds after it began as Weidman. Doctors informed Weidman that he was looking at 6-12 months before he could even consider training in MMA again after his first surgery for the injury. Weidman ultimately had to undergo another operation when it turned out his leg was not healing correctly.

Despite the grim severity of the injury, ‘The All-American’ was clear from the get-go that he fully intended to return to fighting eventually. Now, Weidman will dip his toes into combat sports once more via Polaris Pro Grappling.

Chris Weidman vs. Owen Livesey Set For Polaris 23

‘The All-American’ has not competed in professional grappling since 2009 ADCC World Championships. There, he ate a decision loss to Brazilian jiu-jitsu wizard André Galvão and was submitted by Vinny Magalhães.

He will certainly be looking for a better result when he locks up with Owen Livesey. The Englishman is a master of judo (for which he won a gold medal at the 2014 Commonwealth Games), wrestling, and submission grappling. Livesey’s last appearance for the promotion saw him submit against Hunter Colvin in November 2022. Before that, however, the judoka frequently dominated on the mat.

For Chris Weidman, this will be a gruelling test of how well he’s recovered from his devastating leg injury. Against a seasoned grappler with less physical wear-and-tear like Livesey, the former middleweight kingpin will be the underdog.

Will you be watching Chris Weidman take on Owen Livesey?

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