Chuck Liddell Doubles Down On Past Jake Paul Callout

Chuck Liddell is still trying to shoot his shot at securing a fight with YouTuber turned boxer, Jake Paul.

For a period of time, you could make an argument that Liddell was the most famous and scariest fighter in the world. During his run for the light heavyweight title, he established himself as a dangerous knockout threat with his iconic mohawk and head tattoos.

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Chuck Liddell Calls Out Jake Paul Again

The post-retirement life of Chuck Liddell has been a mixed bag, with “The Iceman” coming out of retirement at one point, only to suffer a knockout in a third fight with Tito Ortiz, on the one and only Golden Boy MMA card. Since then, he has flirted with the idea of taking other fights, even calling out YouTuber turned boxer and potential MMA fighter Jake Paul.

This is something he brought up again, when Liddell was speaking in a recent interview with InsideFighting. Here, he made it clear that if Paul wanted to have an MMA fight with him, he would be down, but he is highly skeptical this is something that the younger Paul brother would agree to.

“Everybody wants to fight me in MMA now. Come on, he doesn’t want to fight me in MMA. He doesn’t want to fight me at all,” Liddell said. “I’m retired man, I’m 53. But again, he’s got no chance.”

While he made it clear that if a contract was offered and enough money was on the table, he would say yes to Jake Paul, Chuck Liddell also explained that he is not holding his breath, knowing that Paul is interested in fights with Nate Diaz instead. Perhaps this is for the best, as this does not seem to be something that the fans want to see.

Are you interested in seeing a fight between Jake Paul and Chuck Liddell?

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