Conor McGregor Accused Of ‘Punching & Kicking’ Woman As Probe Into Yacht Assault Reopens

A probe into an alleged assault on a woman during Conor McGregor‘s birthday party last summer has been reopened by Spanish police.

On July 14, 2022, McGregor celebrated his 34th birthday on his triple-deck yacht in Ibiza. But while his family and friends were in attendance for the joyous occasion, one individual appeared to be left injured.

A report from the Irish Sun later revealed that a woman in her 20s claimed to have been assaulted whilst giving a statement at Sundrive Garda station in Crumlin in early August. The individual, who’s from the same area as McGregor in Ireland, was said to have been examined at a medical center in Spain following the incident, which left her with head trauma.

At the time, the former two-division UFC champion was quickly cleared of any wrongdoing, with Guardia Civil — the oldest law enforcement agency in Spain and one of two national police forces — noting that it had “ruled out that the perpetrator was Conor McGregor himself or that he was even involved in the incident.”

Now, though, new details have emerged following the reopening of the case that may implicate the “Notorious” mixed martial artist.

McGregor Accused Of ‘Kicking, Punching, Forcing Woman To Flee’

The case was initially archived following the report last summer after the alleged victim failed to make a statement to police in Formentera.

The report stated that one Spanish investigator recalled that the woman was brought to shore following the incident and contacted local authorities. But with a struggle to communicate through a language barrier and her desire to ‘just go home’, no full statement was made.

With the woman putting that down to the shock she was in, as well as the fact that she remained in a bikini having fled the yacht, the case has now been reopened following an appeal for reform by her lawyers.

And despite his initial separation from the incident, a report from Ultima Hora notes that the woman’s accusations include multiple violent acts from McGregor, including kicks that led to severe wrist damage.

According to her statement, she became reconnected with McGregor after joining his celebrations at the Ocean Beach Club, later agreeing to return to his yacht. There, she claims he became aggressive and abusive the following morning, insulting her by criticizing her appearance.

She then accused the UFC star of kicking her to the ground before punching her, recalling him saying, “I’m going to drown you, who do you think you are?” From there, she described fleeing the yacht by entering the water, where she was rescued by a Red Cross boat.

Moving forward, a judge is expected to hear from the alleged victim, as well as any potential witnesses, in the coming weeks. While McGregor is yet to comment on the allegations, police from both Ireland and Spain are cooperating in the investigation.

The incident during his 34th birthday party is one of many controversies that have surrounded McGregor in recent times. As well as that alleged assault, the Irish star was accused attacking Italian DJ Francesco Facchinetti without provocation in late 2021.

What do you make of the latest allegations against Conor McGregor?

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