Fans React To Conor McGregor’s Latest Physique Post

UFC megastar Conor McGregor recently likened his beefed-up physique to a gorilla.

The former double-champ has been away from the Octagon for 18 months now following his catastrophic leg break at UFC 264. The bout saw McGregor succumb to injury late in round one in his trilogy grudge match against Dustin Poirier.

In his time away from the Octagon, McGregor has packed on the muscle mass to the point he’s even teased a middleweight move. The general consensus, however, is that the Irishman will be a welterweight when he eventually returns to competition.

The brash star is frequently talking a big game about his training and comeback on social media. Recently, several fans took exception to Conor McGregor comparing his lat development to that of a gorilla.

“You’re Taking Roids” – Fans Troll Conor McGregor

In response to his successfully bulked up frame, many fans have accused ‘The Notorious’ of PED use. Such accusations have ramped up since it was revealed last year that ‘The Notorious’ is currently out of the USADA testing pool.

Others, meanwhile, settled for more basic humor at the Irishman’s expense.

It wasn’t all negativity though, as one fan was quick to praise the monumental impact McGregor has had on MMA over the years.

Another, meanwhile, raised an interesting question on the impact the extra muscle mass could have on Conor McGregor’s overall athleticism.

In his featherweight days, ‘The Notorious’ was renowned for his crisp movement and nimble agility. He often emphasized the importance of free, light movement when it comes to striking. It’s plausible carrying so much extra muscle mass could slow him down in the cage.

For now, a timeline for Conor McGregor’s long-awaited return remains unclear. Needless to say, when he does finally come back, there’ll be a long line of fighters desperate to get a big money fight against him.

What’s your take on Conor McGregor’s physical transformation?

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