Conor McGregor Explains The Importance Of Power Slap League

Former two-division UFC champion Conor McGregor believes there’s one ‘important’ technique on display in the new Power Slap League.

Slap fighting, branded by many as a pseudosport, took a sizable step towards prominence this week with the premiere of Dana White‘s Power Slap League. The creation was announced late last year, along with controversial confirmation that the Nevada State Athletic Commission has agreed to sanction the sport.

White’s creation received immediate backlash from many in the combat sports community, something that was only enhanced upon its television debut on January 18.

As well as a host of fighters, pundits, and fans speaking out against the activity, a number of medical experts have criticized the league’s sanctioning on the grounds that it doesn’t allow for defense, meaning concussions and brain trauma are part and parcel of the ‘sport’.

The show’s opening numbers perhaps reflected that common sentiment, with it earning an average viewership of 295,000 — No. 45 among Wednesday cable ratings.

But despite certainly receiving a mixed reception, it hasn’t been entirely negative. As well as some combat fans enjoying the new form of violence, MMA’s biggest superstar has appeared to show some intrigue.

McGregor Highlights “Importance” Of Slap Technique

Upon the announcement of the Power Slap League, former featherweight and lightweight UFC champion Conor McGregor gave his stamp of approval, noting that the idea was “growing” on him.

Now, following the season premiere, the “Notorious” Irish superstar has addressed the controversial league once again. This time, McGregor suggested that the technique on display by the slappers serves as an ‘important’ striking demonstration.

“If anything, power slap is showing the importance of turning back your shoulder and torquing your torso into the shot,” McGregor wrote. “‘Turning of the hip’ potentially the wrong terminology being used. Hips less important? Possible also. Turn your shoulder back and torque fully into strike! K.O.”

Having previously joked about facing two-time Octagon rival Nate Diaz in the slap-fighting realm, perhaps the Irishman’s increasing intrigue in the Power Slap League will lead to him eventually trying his hand (or palm) at the controversial activity.

What do you make of Conor McGregor’s take on the Power Slap League?

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