Cornerman Thankful His Call To Stop Glover Teixeira Fight Was Dismissed

Coach John Hackleman has expressed relief at having his call for Glover Teixeira’s headline fight at UFC 283 to be stopped prematurely dismissed by his fellow cornermen.

At the opening pay-per-view event of 2023, Teixeira fell short of two-time champion status in front of his home fans in Rio de Janeiro. Having missed out on the planned chance to exact revenge on now-former titleholder Jiří Procházka last month, the Brazilian met the surging Jamahal Hill in last Saturday’s main event.

Teixeira once again displayed his heart and toughness, going the full five rounds in spite of “Sweet Dreams” dishing out some heavy punishment throughout 25 minutes inside the Jeunesse Arena.

Prior to the headliner, talk of corner stoppages and the failure for intervention when needed was a prominent topic following Lauren Murphy’s defeat to Jéssica Andrade. The Alaskan was comfortably beaten across three rounds, putting up little offense in response to a brutal beating from “Bate Estaca.”

As well as many holding a firm take on when that bout should have been called, some suggested that 43-year-old Teixeira was also dealt unnecessary punishment against Hill.

But unlike Murphy’s defeat, there was one cornerman looking to prevent that in the main event. Ahead of the final round, Hackleman, owner of The Pit Hawaiian Kenpo Karate academy and coach of former light heavyweight champ Chuck Liddell, voiced his concern.

While he wanted the bout stopped, he was outvoted by the other coaches, leading to what turned about to be one final frame in the career of Teixeira.

Hackleman On Teixeira Loss: ‘I’m Thankful They Didn’t Stop It’

Having seen his man fight through to the final horn before a memorable show of respect with Hill and subsequent retirement in his home country, Hackleman is thankful things turned out as they did.

In a post-fight interview with MMA Fighting, the veteran coach addressed his calls for the bout to be stopped inside the distance, noting that he’s gained a reputation as a “fight-stopper.”

For Hackleman, it’s crucial for coaches to do what they can to prevent avoidable beatings and brain damage.

“I’m a known fight-stopper in between rounds,” Hackleman said. “I’m kind of known for that, maybe a little too much at times. But I thought this was a good time to stop it. I was outvoted in the corner… I just don’t like to see guys get any kind of beatings or brain damage. I’m just real quick on the gun.”

But while many believed that Hill’s dominant display against Teixeira warranted such protection, Hackleman is glad his take wasn’t the consensus in the Brazilian’s corner at UFC 283.

“I’m thankful they didn’t [stop it],” Hackleman admitted. “I know this wouldn’t have gone well with anyone. It would have made a lot of people really unhappy, and I don’t want it to be about me. I would have thrown it in after the third. I would have been completely happy with the fight stopping there. I saw no reason for it to go on after that.”

Ultimately, while Murphy continued to eat heavy blows with limited defense in the final round, Teixeira fought through for one of his better frames/

And for many, including color commentator Daniel Cormier, there was a stark difference in the level of offense being shown by the only two main card fighters to be defeated on the scorecards.

What did you make of the decision to allow Glover Teixeira to reach the distance at UFC 283?

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