MMA Twitter Reacts to Dana White’s Media Scrum on Wife Altercation

MMA Twitter has reacted after UFC President Dana White made a surprise media appearance to once again address and answer questions on the altercation with his wife.

On New Year’s Eve, White was caught striking his wife at least once during a physical confrontation at a nightclub in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Soon after, footage of the incident, alongside a statement from the UFC chief, emerged via TMZ.

In the days since, White’s actions have remained a major talking point, with many calling out the promotion and its owner Endeavor for its silence, as well as discussing what punishment should await the 53-year-old.

During UFC Vegas 67 media day on Wednesday, those querying consequences seemingly received clarification. As well as dismissing those who’ve attempted to defend him in the aftermath, White named his punishment.

With significant time passing without any official statements from the UFC or Endeavor, many feared that White would escape without punishment for the incident — something his media scrum appeared to confirm.

MMA Twitter Reacts To White’s Presser Comments

Unsurprisingly, a host of opinions emerged on social media following White’s surprise presser, with fighters, fans, and pundits reacting to the UFC president’s latest remarks.

One of the main talking points surrounded White’s take on his ‘punishment’, which saw him suggest that the consequence for his action is “that I did it,” and the label and loss of respect that comes with it.

Former UFC fighters Al Iaquinta and Ramsey Nijem both faced suspensions during their time in the promotion. The pair took to Twitter to mock White’s apparent punishment by suggesting they should have faced the same consequence, or lack thereof.

Many fans responded by analyzing the sincerity of White’s words, with some coming to a damning assessment of his lack of “ownership” for the incident.

As was the case in many corners of the community, many gave their take on White’s self-assessment of his punishment, with some fans suggesting that any fighter caught on camera doing the same thing would have been instantly cut.

With that in mind, a few Twitter users pointed out that White has set an incredibly dangerous precedent for fighters regarding the consequences for domestic violence.

In the same vein, many dismissed White’s explanation for continuing his role as UFC president, a position that the California Legislative Women’s Caucus called for him to be removed from in a letter to Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel.

Some fans and media members branded the suggestion that White leaving the promotion would damage it and punish the fighters as an outright lie.

However, White did receive credit from some reporters and fans. As well as many respecting him for making the media day appearance, some praised the UFC president for ‘owning’ the incident and ‘paying the price’.

What was your reaction to Dana White’s comments during the media scrum?