MMA Twitter Reacts To Dana White’s Physical Altercation With Wife

The MMA community has given its first reactions to UFC President Dana White hitting his wife at a New Year’s Eve party.

White and his wife of 26 years, Anne, were filmed arguing at a Cabo San Lucas, MX nightclub on New Year’s Eve. After a brief verbal argument, things became physical, with both White and his wife throwing slaps.

After TMZ Sports released footage of the incident, the video spread across social media. White has since apologized for the incident and the UFC and ESPN have yet to publicly comment on it.

Both White and his wife were heavily intoxicated at the time of the altercation, according to eyewitnesses.

White developed a hero’s reputation from a large portion of the MMA community after turning the UFC into a global phenomenon. But, after being caught on film hitting his wife, things have turned sour as White and his wife deal with the aftermath.

MMA Twitter Blasts Dana White After Viral Incident With Wife

Here’s what MMA Twitter had to say about White getting physical with his wife.

White said this was the first time that he and his wife have gotten physical during their decades-long relationship. The two first met when they were growing up.

White and the UFC recently wrapped up an eventful 2022, featuring exciting fights and surprising title bouts. The promotion returns to action with a fight night event on January 14th.

The next UFC pay-per-view is set for later this month in Brazil for UFC 283. It’s unclear at this time if White will make the trip in light of this recent incident.

What is your reaction to the viral video of Dana White hitting his wife?

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