Endeavor Officially Declines To Comment On Dana White Situation

People who have wondered if Endeavor, parent company of the UFC, would ever release a statement about the recent Dana White controversy, finally have their answer.

It has been about a week since the New Year’s Eve incident that left White the center of a ton of negative press, with some even calling for him to lose his job as the UFC President, while others defended him. This stems from a public and physical altercation had between he and his wife, in which the two traded slaps to each other’s faces.

Endeavor Officially Declines To Comment About Dana White

Much of the uproar about this situation, stems from the fact that there does not appear to be any consequences heading the way of Dana White, with many feeling that there is no other person in a similar position who would get away with such actions. Moreover, there has been pushback on certain media members for providing the bare minimum in covering the incident without doing much to hold the UFC President accountable.

However, perhaps the biggest problem has been a lack of official response from the UFC itself, nor its broadcast partner, ESPN, or parent company Endeavor. As it turns out, although likely not to the surprise of anyone, this was done by design.

According to a report from FTW’s Andy Nesbitt, he was finally able to get ahold of Maura McGreevy, the senior vice president of corporate communications at Endeavor, after several attempts to garner a response from their PR team. In this phone call, McGreevy made it official that Endeavor would “decline to comment” on any matter regarding the situation with White, or what potential repercussions he could face.

Considering the fact that Endeavor did experience a drop in their publicly traded stock following this incident with Dana White, it is somewhat surprising that there has not been at least some sort of official comment from the company. That said, this does not seem to bode well for those who were calling for the UFC President to face punishment for his actions.

Do you think Dana White deserves to be punished for hitting his wife?