Former WWE Superstar Speaks Out On Dana White’s Power Slap

Dana White‘s latest venture in the world of combat sports has already drawn plenty of controversy.

The UFC President has revealed he was fascinated by slap fight footage he’s witnessed in recent years. The slap-fighting craze has grown exponentially this decade. The competition more than lives up to its name, with competitors trading unprotected, full-force slaps to the head and face.

The damage that can be done by such strikes is alarming to say the least. Public awareness of brain trauma conditions such as CTE has also never been more prevalent than it is now. Needless to say, the sight of competitors’ faces sustaining disfiguring injuries and often being KO’d outright has received some backlash.

This week saw the premiere of Dana White’s Power Slap on TBS. The debut episode failed to retain the audience left from preceding show AEW Dynamite, ultimately holding less than 300,000 viewers.

The brutal displays disgusted former WWE Superstar and Concussion Legacy Foundation co-founder Chris Nowinski.

Chris Nowinski appalled by Power Slap.

“This Is So Sad” – Chris Nowinski On Power Slap

Nowinski tweeted his displeasure on the matter yesterday along with a video of the highlights from the first episode. He was quick to point out the alarming state one of the competitors was in following an especially hard shot.

Frequent impact to the skull and brain, such as the punishment slap fighters endure, has been linked to a variety of neurological disorders. CTE, a condition that can only be officially diagnosed post-mortem, has become a recurring issue for athletes in heavy contact sports such as mixed martial arts, American football, and boxing.

In these sports, there are at least some precautions either from the athletes simply trying to defend and protect themselves or, in American football’s case, padding and helmets. In slap fighting, there is no semblance of self-guarding or safety.

For a leading neuroscientist like Nowinski, whose wrestling career was ended by a severe concussion, something like Power Slap is unfathomable. Considering the controversies surrounding the show, as well as its lacklustre ratings, it’s hard to tell where exactly it goes from here.

Did you enjoy the first episode of Power Slap?