Henry Cejudo Explains Why He Eliminates Anderson Silva From GOAT Talk

Former two-division UFC champion Henry Cejudo has explained why he doesn’t see the legendary Anderson Silva as a contender for GOAT status.

As each year passes, one discussion remains as debated as ever — who is the greatest of all time? A number of names often appear as contenders for the title, from former two-time light heavyweight king Jon Jones to former welterweight and middleweight titleholder Georges St-Pierre.

The leading candidate for many, though, is Silva. The Brazilian, who is widely considered the greatest striker in the sport’s history, ruled over the UFC’s middleweight division between 2006 and 2013, defeating the likes of Rich Franklin, Dan Henderson, Chael Sonnen, and Vitor Belfort en route to a record-breaking title reign.

Anderson Silva
Image Credit: UFC on YouTube

Among Silva’s accolades are a host of records inside the Octagon, including the longest reign in UFC history (2,457 days), the longest win streak (16), the most title defenses at 185 pounds (10), and the most post-fight bonuses in the middleweight division.

Unsurprisingly, those achievements leave “The Spider” on most people’s MMA Mount Rushmore. But while that does include Cejudo, Silva has to settle for a clear third place on his GOAT list.

Cejudo: ‘This Is Why I Exit Silva Out…’

During a recent video uploaded to his YouTube channel, Cejudo can be seen helping Jones prepare for his upcoming return at the Fight Ready gym in Arizona. “Bones” is set to face Ciryl Gane with the vacant heavyweight gold on the line at UFC 285 on March 4.

At the start of the video, “Triple C” gives the former 205-pound champ an introduction that leaves no doubt about who he considers to be the greatest of all time.

“So, we’re about to work with the GOAT. The greatest of all time, Jon Jones,” Cejudo said.

The former bantamweight and flyweight titleholder can later be seen discussing the GOAT debate with Jones, noting him and former opponent Demetrious Johnson as his top two. For Cejudo, a lack of wrestling efficiency leaves Silva below “Bones” and “Mighty Mouse.”

“Honestly, it’s like, you (and) Demetrious Johnson are the guys that people kind of emulate, like, ‘Hey, this is what MMA is.’ GSP,” Cejudo said, before Jones mentioned Silva. “But he’s got no wrestling. This is why I exit him out, as good as he is. But he is part of GOAT mountain. But to say he’s full-on MMA, because he has no wrestling and no wrestling defense.”

Cejudo also broke down the list outside of the already named top two, with Silva and St-Pierre occupying the two spots above himself in fifth.

“I put myself in fifth. You, Demetrious Johnson, Anderson Silva, GSP, and then myself. The only reason I put myself five is two belts and I beat three Hall of Famers to go in there. I think two belts carries a lot of weight… That’s kind of how I see it,” Cejudo concluded.

Silva’s wrestling deficiencies were notably on display at UFC 177, where he met elite ground specialist Chael Sonnen for the first time. The Brazilian was comfortably taken down and controlled through much of the contest.

He did, however, ultimately emerge with the win after trapping “The American Gangster” in a triangle choke late in the fifth and final round.

What do you make of Henry Cejudo’s reasoning for eliminating Anderson Silva from the GOAT race?

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