Islam Makhachev Taunts Alexander Volkanovski With Extreme Cold Training

Islam Makhachev is trying to prove a point with his training footage ahead of his UFC 284 matchup with Alexander Volkanovski.

There is a lot at stake in this February 11th main event, as featherweight champ Volkanovski looks to become just the fifth person in UFC history to earn champ-champ status, when he takes on new lightweight king, Makhachev. As if that is not a high enough level of importance, this also pits the respective number one and two ranked pound-for-pound fighters against each other.

Islam Makhachev Is Chilling In Training Camp

With so much on the line at UFC 284, it only makes sense that both Islam Makhachev and Alexander Volkanovski are training their hardest to be victorious. Although it is worth noting that they come from completely separate sides of the world, with environmental factors that could not be any more drastically different.

This was made evident in a big way with a recent training video that Makhachev posted to Instagram recently, showing him training in the freezing cold while wearing hardly any clothes. Not only that, but the lightweight champ fired shots at his Australian opponent, who faces summer temperatures down under with highs in the nineties.

“What is the weather in Australia ? 🇦🇺 Who cares !” Makhachev wrote.

It is hard to not have admiration and respect for the toughness on display from Islam Makhachev, being able to train and persevere through such brutal weather shirtless. As far as the fight goes, his bout at UFC 284 is expected to be taking place in Perth, Australia, so perhaps Alexander Volkanovski will have the edge by being acclimated to the weather.

Could you go through the kind of training Islam Makhachev is doing, in such cold weather?

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