Fighters React To Jailton Almeida’s Dominant Win At UFC 283

Jailton Almeida earned his fourth finish in as many UFC bouts when he dominated Shamil Adburakhimov on the ground at UFC 283.

“Malhadinho” entered his fight with Abdurakhimov as a massive favorite, but the Brazilian was also giving up 30 lbs. in the matchup. The weight difference appeared to be no concern for Almeida, as the 31-year-old quickly backed Abdurakhimov to the fence and hit a takedown in the opening seconds of the fight.

“Abrek” did well to stay active from the bottom and make it difficult for Almeida to control any one position, but as the first round went on it became clear that the Russian was slowing down. “Malhadinho” ended up spending almost the entire round in top position, and even though Abdurakhimov made it to the bell he immediately ended up on his back again to start the second.

With much of Abdurakhimov’s energy having been expended while defending in the first round, it was only a matter of time before Almeida forced the Russian to cover up and eat some huge punches before the ref finally stepped in to end things.

Fighters React To Almeida’s TKO Win

The longest fight of Almeida’s UFC career only provided more time for the Brazilian to show off his grappling skills, and plenty of fighters were impressed by the win.

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