Jamahal Hill Says Dana White’s Wife Is Also Accountable For Fight

UFC light heavyweight contender Jamahal Hill feels Dana White shouldn’t bear all of the responsibility for his altercation with his wife.

Video was released this week by TMZ of White and his wife getting into an altercation at a Cabo San Lucas nightclub on New Year’s Eve. Tensions turned from verbal to physical, with both White and his wife hitting each other.

After the footage went viral, White was harshly criticized by the MMA community for his actions. He has apologized for the incident to his wife and children, and both claim that they haven’t gotten physical with each other before.

White and his wife were heavily intoxicated at the time of the incident, according to eyewitness accounts. White also admitted he doesn’t remember many details of the fight.

Hill says regardless of gender, if someone doesn’t want to get assaulted, they shouldn’t hit someone first.

Jamahal Hill On Dana White’s Wife: “Don’t Hit Nobody, Period”

In recent tweets, Hill reacted to White’s viral altercation with his wife.

“If you don’t want to get hit don’t hit nobody period!!! #simple,” Hill tweeted Tuesday. “They worked things out between them about the relationship so get out they business like y’all mfs perfect.”

Many took exception to Hill’s original tweet and some interpreted he was condoning White’s actions. In a follow-up, he addressed some of the critics of his original post.

“Funny how I say keep your hands to yourself and y’all twist it to I condone beating women!!” Hill said. “It’s crazy that women want to just be able to assault men as they plz and we expected to take it and never be human!! Y’all go head bruh!!”

After one follower critiqued his stance, Hill revealed a personal experience with violence.

“My mom said don’t hit girl then saw girl taking advantage of that one even attacked my brother with a belt buckle when we were kids and she changed that stance quick,” Hill replied.

As of the writing of this story, Hill continues to go back and forth with his followers on the topic, with his central point seemingly being that anyone who acts with violence should be held accountable.

Hill will face Glover Teixeira for the vacant light heavyweight title at UFC 283. It’s uncertain if White will appear at the event amidst the aftermath of this incident.

Do you agree with Jamahal Hill’s take on Dana White and his wife?