Actors Jamie Foxx & D.L. Hughley Criticize Coverage Of Dana White Wife Fight

A pair of prominent Hollywood actors have questioned some of the media coverage of UFC President Dana White‘s fight with his wife.

White is in hot water after footage was released last week showing him getting in a physical altercation with his wife on New Year’s Eve. He’s since apologized for the incident and makes no excuses for his behavior, and his wife claimed this was the first time something like this has happened.

Some of the coverage of White hitting his wife has been eyebrow-raising for some. Just hours after the story broke, ESPN’s Molly Qerim and Stephen A. Smith defended White’s character amidst an onslaught of criticism in White’s direction.

MMA journalist Ariel Helwani, arguably the most prominent voice in MMA media, has also pointed to a double standard. Helwani said that the way that some view MMA is the reason why White’s actions weren’t surprising to some eyes.

D.L. Hughley, Jamie Foxx Call Dana White’s Media Coverage ‘White Privilege’

In a recent Instagram post, D.L. Hughley weighed in on the media’s response to the White story.

“What can BROWN do for you?” Apparently not a damn thing!” Hughley began on coverage of White and his wife. “If that had been a brotha, it’d be NONSTOP coverage, dredging up a playground fight from the 3rd grade, scouring old tweets, you name it. #DanaWhite ‘s ENTIRE LIFE is immersed in brutal , physical violence, he’s amassed a fortune from it. Where are the salacious headlines?? Where’s the pressure?? Ohhhhh, he apologized. #WhitePrivilege (PUN INTENDED) scores a 1st round knockout yet again.”

It didn’t take long for Jamie Foxx to chime in as he responded to Hughley’s post.

Fucking preach!!!!

– Jamie Foxx responding to D.L. Hughley

Foxx is an actor, comedian, and singer and has won numerous awards for his various productions. He’s been in highly-acclaimed movies such as Ray, Django Unchained, and Miami Vice.

Hughley is a former correspondent on The Jay Leno Show on NBC and is also a well-renowned stand-up comedian. He also formerly hosted a show on CNN and currently hosts The D.L. Hughley Show on the radio.

UFC’s ownership, Endeavor, has declined public comment on White’s domestic violence incident. Endeavor saw some share losses as a result of the viral video.

White’s controversy comes just days before the UFC is scheduled to return this Saturday. The UFC’s first pay-per-view of 2023 in Brazil is scheduled for later this month at UFC 283.

White and the media have had a strained relationship for years, although those like Foxx and Hughley believe he’s received favorable coverage amidst arguably the most appalling moment of his UFC tenure.

Do you agree with the criticism of media coverage of Dana White’s wife fight?

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