Joe Rogan On The Dangers Of Alcohol In Fighting

UFC commentator and well-renowned podcast host Joe Rogan recently interviewed No.4-ranked welterweight Belal Muhammad.

The pair discussed a variety of topics, including Khamzat Chimaev‘s behavior leading into UFC 279 last year, Paddy Pimblett’s controversial UFC 282 win, and the impact of alcohol on combat athletes.

‘Remember the Name’, a devout Muslim, abstains from alcohol consumption. He is currently on an impressive nine-fight unbeaten streak with eight victories and one no-contest. Muhammad is notorious for his long-term, pressure fighting style, with 16 of his 22 professional MMA wins coming via decision.

At UFC 280, Muhammad silenced critics of his technical, low-key fighting style with a ferocious series of punches that TKO’d the then-undefeated Sean Brady. The aggressive change of pace notably came when retired UFC lightweight legend Khabib Nurmagomedov began coaching him.

In 2023, Muhammad is closer to a title shot than ever, but his future prospects in the division still remain unclear. One thing he prioritizes as a fighter, is his physical health, something Joe Rogan commends him for.

Joe Rogan Highlights “F***ing Terrible” Impact Of Alcohol

Rogan and ‘Remember the Name’ discussed the numerous physical and psychological issues excessive alcohol consumption can cause. The former Fear Factor host emphasized the long-term physical impacts booze can have on athletes.

“By not drinking, you’re probably adding time to your career. Drinking’s fun, there’s a reason why people like to do it, there’s a reason why bars are everywhere. But, the reality is it’s f***ing terrible for you. And if you’re a professional athlete, and you’re in this world of professional athleticism – in the hardest sport in the world – if you can maximize your recovery and vitality by not drinking alcohol, I would tell people to do it.” (h/t Sportskeeda)

Jon Jones, a fighter who’s frequently struggled with alcohol-related problems in the past, announced his intention to go teetotal in late 2021. The decision came following a disturbing arrest in Las Vegas after his Hall-of-Fame induction for his first fight with Alexander Gustafsson. He also made note of the especially dangerous impact alcohol can have on fighters who’ve endured head trauma over the years.

Khabib Nurmagomedov is also teetotal on account of his Islamic beliefs and lifestyle. In the lead up to his infamous war with Conor McGregor at UFC 229, ‘The Eagle’ turned down McGregor’s mocking offer of whiskey. ‘The Notorious’, meanwhile, enjoyed a few drinks at the press conference for their clash. ‘The Eagle’ ground out a rough submission victory in their clash.

Do you think Joe Rogan is right about alcohol negatively impacting fighters?

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