Jon Jones Confirms Ciryl Gane Fight

There are some serious signs pointing to a UFC 285 main event featuring Jon Jones and Ciryl Gane for the heavyweight title.

With heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou‘s future with the UFC still uncertain, mounting pressure has been building to see what the promotion will do with the heavyweight title. Most recently, former interim champ Gane was seen calling for a fight with arguable light heavyweight GOAT Jones, leading to excited speculation among fans.

Jon Jones vs Ciryl Gane Advertised In Las Vegas

There has been no official word yet, regarding the contract status of Ngannou, nor the return and heavyweight debut of Jon Jones, or a potential fight with Ciryl Gane. However, there is some serious buzz surrounding this fight, after a few photos surfaced that show what may have been some accidental advertising.

Two different pictures were seen on Twitter, showing the outside of the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Both images show a billboard advertisement for UFC 285, with Jon Jones vs Ciryl Gane listed as the main event, for the undisputed heavyweight title.

To be clear, there are several explanations for this, which may not necessarily mean that this fight is official, as it is not uncommon practice for multiple adverts for fights that are in the works to make for a smooth announcement if and when it does become official. So, it is reasonable to suggest that a mix-up of some kind happened, and this was displayed outside the arena by accident.

UPDATE: MMAFighting’s Steven Marrocco reports that this was indeed an accidental ad placement, which has since been resolved. He also reports that the Jones vs Gane fight is not a done deal.

Nevertheless, this has prompted understandable speculation among the MMA community, with people already flooding the internet with picks for how Jones vs Gane would go. It will be interesting to see what official announcements come for the tip of this fluid and interesting heavyweight division.

Jon Jones Confirms Ciryl Gane Bout

It was not long after these rumors began swirling, before Jon Jones all but confirmed it to be the case. The former champ stopped in for some training sessions with Henry Cejudo, when Cejudo’s YouTube videographer, Michael Wonsover stopped him for a chat.

Here, Jones confirmed that he was beginning to train for the Game fight, stopping by Cejudo’s gym while in town for a few days. He also said that he hopes to work with the former champ-champ more as the fight draws closer, provided their schedules align.

“I’m glad I did come out here. Henry is just so intelligent, and such a great leader and tactician. It’s just been great, it’s been a really great trip so far. Day one of four, and just a few weeks out from my first heavyweight championship against Ciryl Gane,” Jones said.

How do you see a potential matchup between Ciryl Gane and Jon Jones playing out?

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