Julianna Peña Makes Last-Ditch Call For Amanda Nunes Trilogy

Julianna Peña is still making a push for a trilogy fight with Amanda Nunes.

Peña was able to do the unthinkable in defeating Nunes at UFC 269 by scoring a submission win over the champ-champ to capture the bantamweight strap. Immediately the two were booked for a season of coaching TUF, which led to a rematch at UFC 277 that saw the “Lioness” enact revenge in a dominant way, literally smiling as she beat up the “Venezuelan Vixen,” en route to a unanimous decision win.

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Julianna Peña Calls For A Trilogy Once More

From the moment Amanda Nunes earned the clear victory in the rematch, Julianna Peña has been calling for a third fight with the champ-champ. This has been met with lackluster enthusiasm from some fans, who felt the rematch was decisive enough to prove the first win an aberration from the norm.

Initially, it seemed that the UFC was officially denying Peña her request when it was announced that Nunes was expected to face top contender Irene Aldana. However, subsequent reporting revealed that this may not actually be in the works like originally believed.

“Can confirm that the reported fight between Amanda Nunes and Irene Aldana for March 4th is not on the works at the moment.” Aldana is one of the front runners to face Nunes, but no opponent or date has been offered so far,” noted Carlos Legaspi of ESPN Deportes.

It appears that Julianna Peña caught wind of these conflicting reports because she is still shooting her shot to secure a fight with Nunes. Posting to Twitter, the former champ once again called for the trilogy bout, noting how rare it is for rivalries like this to go unfinished.

“In what sport do they go 1-1 and then stop? Not even in #rockpaperscissors do they stop at 1-1. @Amanda_Leoa I gave you the immediate rematch, time for you to do the same. Sign it,” Peña wrote.

Cris Cyborg Isn’t Holding Her Breath

It is hard to argue with the merits that Julianna Peña is making for the reason she should get a third fight with Amanda Nunes. However, someone who has found themselves in a similar position is supportive of Peña but is not too hopeful that she will get her way.

Cris Cyborg, who dropped her featherweight title to Nunes, losing quickly in just the second defeat of her incredibly dominant career, was unable to ever secure a rematch. She commented under the post from Peña, offering sympathy as someone who has been on the receiving end of perceived unfair treatment from the UFC.

“I went 14 years undefeated and then was told would have to wait 2 years for a rematch. 😂 ain’t nobody got time for that…they do what they want,” Cyborg wrote.

To be fair, there are some serious differences between Cyborg’s situation and the one Julianna Peña finds herself in, such as the pre-existing bad relationship between Cyborg and the UFC. Nevertheless, time will tell if Peña is able to get her wish and secure the third fight with Amanda Nunes.

Who would you prefer to see Amanda Nunes face in her next bantamweight title defense?