Kevin Lee: UFC Return ‘Would Hurt My Leverage’

Kevin Lee is not making it a priority to return to the UFC anytime soon.

There was a time where Lee was looked at as one of the most promising prospects on the UFC roster, even fighting for an interim title in the lightweight division at one point.

Unfortunately, he would wind up going 1-4 in five fights before being released by the UFC and finding himself in Eagle FC, the promotion currently owned by Khabib Nurmagomedov.

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Kevin Lee Not Focusing On A UFC Return

While Kevin Lee is currently under contract with Eagle FC, his contract his provisions that allow him to fight outside the promotion, a clause which has become increasingly valuable with current world events causing difficulty for the Russian promotion’s efforts to hold events stateside. As a result, the “Motown Phenom” has been shopping around for another place to fight, with the PFL being high on the list.

While some may expect Lee to want to return to the UFC, he told ESPN’s Brett Okamoto that this is not something that is on the top of his list of priorities. He explained that he feels like signing back with the UFC would actually hurt his future potential and hinder him at this current point in time.

“That’s been floated out there a few times, and I have thought about it, but I’m not putting no energy towards it, to be honest with you. There’s so many opportunities in this sport, and there’s a big opportunity now with the PFL,” Lee explained. “Outside of the bubble that the UFC’s created, there’s a lot of opportunities outside of it.

“I’m one of the most experienced guys,” Lee continued. “You can’t look at anybody who’s unsigned from the UFC that has my record, has fought the people that I fought, has my age, and my upside to me, either. So I would almost be hurting my leverage if I were to just go straight back to the UFC right now.

“So it’s something that I’m kinda interested, but it would be the right offer. It would have to be the right fight. Something other than just to say I’m a UFC fighter. I’ve been there and done that, it doesn’t do anything for me. A million dollars sounds a lot better.”

There has certainly been an increasing interest among fighters to give the PFL a shot in an attempt to earn that $1 million prize. It will be interesting to see how successful Kevin Lee will be if he competes under their roster.

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