Lauren Murphy: “I’m Glad My Corner Didn’t Stop The Fight”

Former UFC flyweight challenger Lauren Murphy was glad her corner didn’t stop the fight in between rounds against Jéssica Andrade.

Murphy lost to Andrade via a unanimous decision (25-30 x 2, 26-30) on the UFC 283 main card in Rio de Janeiro. Andrade dominated the majority of the exchanges on the feet and ground in the fight, leaving Murphy’s face a bloody mess.

Some felt that the officials, or Murphy’s corner, should’ve waved the fight off before the start of Round 3. Despite the accumulation of damage, Murphy ended up making it to the buzzer and showcasing impressive toughness and grit.

It was a disappointing setback for Murphy after coming off one of the best wins of her career in her last appearance. However, she’s managing to look on the bright side despite the addition to the loss column.

Lauren Murphy Stays Positive After Lopsided UFC 283 Loss

In a recent Instagram post, Murphy addressed her performance at UFC 283.

“Okay so basically every minute I’ve spent in Rio – besides these 15 right here – has been fantastic. The fight was a beat down but not the way I imagined it,” Murphy posted. “Sometimes shit goes down and you just gotta learn from it and get better. Jessica is an insanely tough opponent and I will learn a lot from her. All these experiences -the good ones and bad ones -make me a better athlete and human. Thankfully I’m all good, nose is a little busted up and my head needs rest, but I’ll be fine in a few days.

“I’m glad my corner didn’t stop the fight,” Murphy continued. “Tbh I thought the ref was going to stop it in the second round but the bell rang before he decided to. Either way, I was grateful for the chance to keep fighting. My head and nose will heal with rest, and my heart will heal with time. My adult life has been a dream, and sometimes I have to pay for that dream. I’ll be back sometime, but for now I’m just gonna lick my wounds and rest a bit.

“Thanks Rio for a wonderful stay and to the [UFC] for an amazing trip and to [Jéssica Andrade] for the fight.”

Murphy won her previous fight against Miesha Tate at UFC Long Island last July. She’s now lost two of her last three fights following a five-fight winning streak in the Octagon.

As for Andrade, she continues her pursuit of another UFC title in two divisions with the victory over Murphy. She could potentially be one win away from earning a rematch with Valentina Shevchenko.

Murphy might take some time off after the loss to Andrade, but she’ll look to get back in the win column later this year.

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