Watch: Bodycam Footage Of Police Response To Covington/Masvidal Incident

New footage of the aftermath of the Colby Covington/Jorge Masvidal Miami Beach incident has been made available to the public.

Just weeks after their UFC 272 clash, Masvidal allegedly assaulted Covington outside of a Miami-area restaurant, Papi Steak House. Covington suffered numerous injuries as a result of the attack, including broken teeth.

Masvidal has pleaded not guilty to an aggravated battery charge and one count of criminal mischief. He’s scheduled to return to the courtroom next month after multiple joint continuances postponed the hearings and trial.

Almost a full year after the late-night incident, new footage is available via bodycam footage from responding police. Video of Covington and others speaking with officers has been published by the YouTube channel Real World Police.

New Perspective Of Police Response To Colby Covington/Jorge Masvidal Incident

You can check out the full bodycam footage below, featuring Covington speaking with responding officers.

Covington was at dinner with the YouTubers The Nelk Boys when Masvidal and a few others descended on the restaurant. As Covington left the establishment, Masvidal sucker-punched him across the street, as he told officers in the above footage.

Police also spoke with the restaurant’s manager after arriving at the scene. The manager claimed that Masvidal attempted to chase Covington down inside the restaurant after Covington tried to flee the assault.

The footage also shows Covington describing the assailant’s appearance and quickly identifying him as Masvidal. He described Masvidal as wearing a surgical mask, a hoodie, and a baseball cap during the assault, and recognized Masvidal by his voice.

After failing to gain entry into the restaurant, Masvidal escaped with his group in a vehicle but turned himself in just hours later.

Covington defeated Masvidal via a unanimous decision at UFC 272. The event featured one of the most heated buildups in UFC history, including personal attacks by Covington on Masvidal’s children.

The verbal assault on Masvidal’s children, as Covington describes in the above video, might’ve provoked the assault.

Amidst his legal issues, Masvidal isn’t booked for a UFC return. He was briefly connected to a fight with Gilbert Burns that didn’t come to fruition.

Covington could face Khamzat Chimaev next, as the UFC recently hinted. He hasn’t competed since UFC 272 as he continues to nurse his injuries from the incident.

The investigation into the Covington/Masvidal incident could hit a finality in the coming months. If found guilty, Masvidal could spend up to 15 years behind bars.

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