Fans React To MMA Coach’s Tire-Slam Training With Young Students

There hasn’t been a shortage of bizarre training techniques in MMA’s short history, but the latest might well take the cake…

When questionable activities in martial arts come up, many will automatically think of instances such as Joshua Fabia’s coaching. The controversial figure served as UFC veteran Diego Sanchez’s coach in the backend of his Octagon career, receiving flak for training techniques that included him chasing fighters with a knife and striking Sanchez as he hung upside down.

Crazy, right? But how close does slamming a tire onto the midsection of children come to surpassing that madness?

Evidently, coach Yidikes Yom from France’s Lyon MMA Center felt the need to test it. In a video uploaded to his Instagram account, the mixed martial arts trainer can be seen striking his young students one after the other with a heavy car tire.

The students all braced for impact, but most struggled to hide their pain after being hit with the object.

The incident would certainly have led to an interesting conversation for any new students who were sent by their parents on that day…

‘Hey son, how was your first day training MMA?’

‘It was great! We did cardio, hit pads… Oh yeah, got brutally assaulted with a tire!’

And as it turns out, the technique in question isn’t one instance of straying beyond the line of normality.

A quick look at the coach’s Instagram feed serves up kicks to the stomach while planking, some shaky looking backflips performed by children who don’t even look to have reached the age of 10, and hits to the body with his students upside down in a handstand position.

MMA Fans React To Bizarre Tire Training

Unsurprisingly, the clip of the questionable and polarizing tire training method received a host of reactions on social media.

Many saw humor in the situation, responding to the @overtime account questioning what the students could possibly be training for with some interesting suggestions.

Former Bellator and ONE Championship titleholder Ben Askren was also left in stitches having seen the tire slams, questioning how the MMA coach possibly have attracted so many people to his training sessions.

One Twitter user compared the coach to viral self-defense instructor Dale Brown, who founded the Detroit Threat Management Center and Detroit Urban Survival Training. Brown’s interesting techniques quickly attracted mainstream attention, something coach Yom appears to have replicated.

Some actually defended the MMA coach against heavy criticism, insisting that the technique really does ‘toughen’ someone’s core.

The consensus, however, was the opposite, with many questioning the safety of the move and the coach’s ability to train children.

What’s your take on the MMA coach’s unique and widely criticized training method?