MMA World Reacts To Power Slap League Premiere

The Power Slap League, created by UFC President Dana White, unsurprisingly received a mixed reception when it premiered on TBS this week.

After months of buildup and heated debates surrounding the legitimacy of slap-fighting as a sport, the Power Slap League officially debuted on Wednesday. The season premiere came a week later than scheduled, with TBS pushing back the first episode following the emergence of footage showing White slapping his wife on New Year’s Eve.

But on January 18, the new league, which has been highly promoted by the UFC since its announcement last year, got underway.

MMA Fans React To Power Slap League Opener

Even prior to the premiere, the creation had received significant backlash, with many questioning the safety of an activity designed to eliminate any form of defense.

In an age where pushes are continuing to be made regarding increasing the priority of fighter health and awareness regarding brain trauma, the introduction and sanctioning of the Power Slap League in Nevada has caused major controversy.

And while some violence-hungry combat sports fans gave positive reactions to the league’s premiere, the concerned sentiment regarding safety was once again prevalent across social media.

One viewer noted a particular moment in the show, which saw a competitor granted an extensive period of time to recover from a knockout blow.

In another take, a Twitter user suggested that the ‘stupidity’ of the Power Slap League went beyond what they’d expected heading in.

The negative sentiment was also commonly shared among media members, including renowned combat commentator Luke Thomas, who reacted to the news that the first season of the Power Slap League will culminate in a pay-per-view.

The controversial show wasn’t without its supporters and defenders, however. That included one user, who, while not interested in the show themselves, struggled to understand the backlash to it.

The answer to that question was perhaps answered by a number of accounts, one of which dismissed the show’s claim to be putting on ‘fights’.

But for some, the much-debated ‘sport’ was sufficient entertainment, with many even branding it an “intriguing” concept.

What are your thoughts on Dana White’s Power Slap League?

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